my game

The theme of this year’s ADC Young Guns 12 is ‘Creativity Never Dies’ which is why Julia Neumann, Jamie Carreiro, and I (former YGs and part of this year’s Young Guns 12 committee) came up with the idea for an online video game, demonstrating exactly that. The super-mario-esque video game we created reanimates its main character and lets it wake up in a completely new visual world every time it dies. All these different worlds were created by more than 45 different artists.

Play the game.

Concept: Julia Neumann, Jordan Bruner, Jamie Carreiro

Game Design and Code: Jamie Carreiro 

Music and Sound: Joe Johnson 

Website design: Juan Carlos Pagan 

Artwork: Abbey Luck / Andy Martin / Barry Bruner / Greg Lytle / Nadi Gomez / Philip Cheaney / Pooya Abbasian / Sean Donnelly / Martin Allais / Matt Rota / Something Savage / Nelly Kate / Lee Gingold / Jordan Bruner / Juan Carlos Pagan / Jaclyn Rink Crowley / Alessandro Echevarria / Erin Althea / Gal Shkedi / Jon Saunders / Kevin Weir / Mateusz Napieralski / Gina Matho / Alexander Chamorro / Stefan Bucher / Erika Lutz / Michael Aubtin Madadi / Brendan Rooney / Overture / Dadu Shin / Faust / Jelena Oroz / Felicie Haymoz / Dennis Moran / Conor Finnegan / Chris Tucci / PJADAD - Dragos Platon / United Fakes / Cesar Pelizer / Stephanie Davidson / Jess Worby / Caitlin Burns / Natasha Durley / Rich Tu / Dan Matutina / Julie Glassberg / Una Lorenzen / Feliks Richter

Play the game here.